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lithium-ion battery fires are the #1 fastest growing fire risk?


Introducing VoltHub, a world first solution to charging li-ion batteries safely.

An all-in-one, indoor and outdoor use IP rated unit that constantly and proactively keeps fire risks at bay, and dramatically reduces the consequences of a battery fire breakout.

With built-for-purpose features to care for batteries, the unit always keeps them charged under optimal conditions, lowering the risk of fire to begin with.

The risks surrounding batteries

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Power cut-off, when the internal temperature exceeds safe charging temperature

Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher chance of going into thermal runaway when they are higher than 60 degrees. VoltHub features a critical temperature cut-off that will cut power to the lockers if the internal enclosure temperature exceeds 60 degrees. This means that the fan will continue to run, reducing the internal temperature back to below 60 degrees. This is where charging will automatically resume.

Forced ventilation to keep air flowing through the VoltHub

Batteries are very sensitive to a change in temperature, so the internal fan activates at 20 degrees to maintain a suitable charging environment. This keeps batteries at their optimum charging temperature, and proactively keeps them cool, which increases charging efficiency. The fan offers hygrothermal performance, responding to an internal enclosure temperature of 20 degrees or 50% relative humidity.

Thermostatic heater to rise the temperature if it is too low for charging

Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to sub-zero charging conditions where charging below 0 degrees can cause irreparable damage to the batteries. Most battery chargers prevent charging in these lower temps and so the heater is used to raise the internal enclosure temperature +1 degree to increase charging productivity.

Isolator switch for power to the VoltHub

The isolator switch is used to turn power on and off to the unit, whilst all other internal control systems are fully automatic.

The fire suppression and alert systems will still operate without mains power

Even if there is no power supply to the unit, the fire suppression, alarm, smoke detector and GSM text alert will still continue to function. Therefore even if you are not charging batteries, it is still a proactive solution for storing them.

Visual and audible alarm when there is a fire

This alerts you that there is a fire inside the VoltHub and you need to make contact with emergency services. This is also designed to trigger if there is a fault with any of the emergency electrcial system.

Certified fire suppression system for responding to li-ion battery fires

Certified fire extinguishant, specific for dealing with Lithium-ion fires. It is a localised suppressant that deals with the fire directly should a battery catch fire. It brings instantaneous cooling, and helps to contain and isolate the fire to the single compartment, reducing the risk of thermal propagation. The suppression is fully biodegradable and all waste will be contained within the bunded sump of the VoltHub.

GSM phone and text alert if there is a fire

Should the fire suppression activate, or any off-gases or smoke be detected, the GSM will alert up to three pre-programmed mobile numbers by text and phone call that there is a fire within the VoltHub, allowing you to deal with the fire quickly and call emergency services.

Early gas and smoke detection

When a battery goes into thermal runaway, it begins venting dangerous gases, the GSM will then alert you to this and the power supply for the sockets is cut off. However, the forced ventilation will continue to operate and exhaust these gases.

Humidity sensor

If relative humidity is above 50%, the fan will activate automatically.

nothing charges safer than volthub

Easily manoeuvre VoltHub by crane, castor or forklift: the IP rated VoltHub was carefully designed so it can fully function whether placed internally or externally, meaning that a fire would be isolated if it were to be placed outside.

The 16 spacious, individual lockers with 32 RCD protected sockets keep batteries safely charging, from those smaller devices to large cordless tools. A robust build throughout and strong security doors gives owners peace of mind from theft.

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